Particle Works use Zetasizer Advance Ultra to characterize lipid nanoparticles


Particle Works develops and manufactures expertly engineered nanoparticle synthesis platforms for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Its innovative systems are used around the world to produce lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), important delivery vectors for mRNA-based medicines such as vaccines and gene therapy. Ben Knappett, Head of Science and Applications at Particle Works, explains how Particle Works uses the Zetasizer Advance Ultra to demonstrate that the LNPs his team produces are consistent, reproducible and on spec, regardless of the batch size. The Zetasizer Advance Ultra provides his team with data across a wide range of particle sizes, helping build a better understanding of LNP uniformity and stability. Measuring multiple attributes within one platform increases the team’s efficiency. Find out more here: Follow us on LinkedIn: